Care for the staff members

Our employees are from everywhere of China. If Creation is a big aircraft carriers, then all of us are the sailors. Creation's development is connected with the efforts and hard work of everyone. Every employee of Creatoin will make progress together, grow together!

Creation adheres to the people-oriented and pay attention to employee training, guiding, employees lawful rights protecting.Through the reform to develop market-oriented employment mechanism, every employee will be treated as a valuable asset of the company's development who can work happily with healthy life, be proactive and continuously surpass to achieve win-win and common development between the staff and the company.


Health & Safety Policy

Ceration always believes that employees are the core property of the company, so we try the best to provide a safer, more comfortable working and living environment for employees.

Creation attaches great importance to employees’ health and safety, we consider employees’ health and safety as an important management work, we promise to provide the necessary protective equipment to our employees and ensure the safety for employees.

Set up dedicated security department, to conduct security check in every factory, identify security risks and immediate rectification.  

Through safety training, to enhance the safety consciousness of employees; Make out the contingency proposal; Organize regular employees emergency drills.

We pay attention to food quality and safety for employees, and also organize medical checks regularly for employees.